Check the nearby parking lot

Secret House MAKISHI does not provide parking lot , below are nearby parking lot information.
Please check the parking lot number to find the most suitable parking lot.
Please note : Parking fee may change from time to time, please check the parking fee before parking.

Parking lot and Parking number Price
1 エーワンパーキング First Hour 200 (every 30min ¥100)
2 テクニカルパーク牧志第1 First Hour 200 (every 30min ¥100)
3 タイムパーク(Times) All time 30min¥100
4 オールタイム駐車場 All time 30min¥100
5 玉城立体駐車場 20min ¥100/20:00~8:00 Maximum price ¥900
6 エコロパーク 国際通り第1 All time 40min¥200/Maximum price¥800
7 Dパーキング 牧志2丁目 All time 40min¥200/Maximum price¥800
8 タイムズ沖映通り(Times) Every 30min¥200/Maximum price¥900
9 みどり立体駐車場 First 60min¥320 (every 30min¥110)/7:00~23:30 Maximum price¥800 ※It is not a 24hr parking lot。
Secret House MAKISHI Check the nearby parking lot